So you know the saying “you are what you eat”, and you also know that it’s important to keep watch on what you eat to stay mentally and physically strong and healthy.

What we put IN our bodies matters and what we put ON our bodies matters just as much!

Here are some reasons to motivate you to make a healthy choice when it comes to skin products:

Organic Skin Products
Organic skin products are made from natural ingredients that are grown free from pesticide and synthetic fertilisers, they are also free from GMO.

Product Content
Organic products by norm contain a majority of active ingredients while non organic products only contain up to 10% of active ingredients. Organic plants have a higher level of antioxidants than plants farmed on pesticides and is kinder to your skin.

Some chemical ingredients found in skin products have good short term results but may have long term damaging effect to your skin resulting in pre-matured ageing mostly due to the lack of oxygen supply to the skin as the body is trying to cope with the foreign chemicals.

Earth Friendly
Non organic skin care products contain ingredients that are harmful for the environment when disposed or washed off. It is probable that if you don’t understand what the ingredient is, it’s most probably synthetic and made from harmful substances. Just think, if the product you put on your skin is harmful to the environment, it is most likely not that good for you either. Our skin is our biggest organ and 60% of what you put on it is absorbed into the body. We should not put anything on our skin that is not safe to eat.

Skin Irritation
Organic skin products are less likely to cause allergic reactions such as rashes, bumps and break outs as they are less harmful for the skin.

No Animal Testing
As organic skin care products are based on ingredients from the plant world, there is no risk that you will be purchasing a product that has used animals for product tests. Animal testing is done to ensure that products are safe for humans. Animal testing is not only cruel but also unnecessary.

Carbon Footprint
By purchasing organic skin products you are lowering your carbon footprint. By using organic skin care products you are helping to support the sustainability of your environment.

Organic skin products are not only better for the earth but it are also better for our animal friends and for you! So, next time you make a purchase to pamper yourself make sure you make the right choice.