We all want to stay young and healthy as long as possible but if you are above 35 you know that time is catching up with you. The good thing is that if you spare some time and effort you can prevent premature ageing.

It is scientifically proven that weight and resistance training have a number of benefits.

During weight and resistance training, the body releases hormones, growth factors and endorphins that build muscle, burn fat, and slows down ageing.

Replace Fat with Muscles
While it is more or less impossible to replace fat with muscles, aerobics and weight training will help you burn body fat and gain muscle mass while keeping a healthy diet.

Reverse Bone Loss
With age bone restoration slows down resulting in a brittle bone structure which means bones may easily break during a fall. Resistance training and aerobics are great for total body bone health and helps prevent osteoporoses, improves your bone density and posture.

Improves Energy
A combination of physical activity such as weight training and aerobic exercise will increase your energy levels. Regular physical activity increases the blood flow and improves your cardiovascular health. This will allow more blood and oxygen to get to the body thus providing energy.

Improves Balance
Training the muscles of your legs and core will improve your balance which is important as we grow older. Other ways of improving your balance is through yoga.

Improves Cognitive Functions
Weight training not only lowers the risk for pre-dementia and Alzheimer's, but it also helps improve your memory.

Improves Immune System
Light or aggressive weight training may have an adverse effect on your immune system, but moderate exercise allows your body to produce more white blood cells to fight off infection.

This is useful during stressful periods when your immune system is suppressed, which makes you more susceptible to viral and bacterial invasion.

Boosts Metabolism
With weight training you can change your metabolism as you will be burning more calories when you have more muscle. Muscles are active tissues and will keep burning at rest.

Lowers Inflammation
Although researchers don’t know why lifting weights aids in fighting off inflammation, studies do show that regular resistance training result in drops in inflammation.


Call your PT now and get lifting, pushing and pulling!