The oldest popcorn ever found is believed to have been 5,600 years old and was found in a cave in New Mexico. Popcorn was popular throughout South America and as native American settlers began to populate North America they brought the corn with them. Although popcorn is a popular snack all around the world, Americans remain the largest consumers and it's estimated that they eat no less than 70 litres of popcorn per person in a year!

So just how healthy is this little kernel, well here are the facts;

Popcorn on a Diet
Air popped popcorns only contain 30 calories (per 60g), so its a low calorie snack if you want to keep to a diet. Popcorn also keeps you full for longer so it's great for a filling snack when you need one.

Popcorn are not only full of antioxidants to battle inflammations they also have the ability to block the enzymes that cancer cells need to grow. The large amount of Polyphenol help protect cells from free radical damage which is a great protection agains many diseases.

Digestive Health
Popcorn is full of whole grain which will keep your digestive track active and healthy. The whole grain will speed up your digestion as it is an insoluble which means that it will remain in its whole form and promote regularity. 

Other Health Benefits
Apart from being one of the worlds best sources of fibre, popcorn also contains more iron than spinach!!

Why do Kernels Pop?
The inside of the popcorn seed contains some water and when it is heated it produces steam and the pressure forces the kernel to explode turning itself inside out. 

Bad news?
The bad news is that popcorn you get at the movies are packed with saturated fat and would add up to 1,200 calories per 60 grams!! 

If you pop your own popcorn in a pot or in the microwave you should be looking at a healthy snack packed with many good properties.