Local brands are a part of us. The drive and creativity of the young entrepreneurs make us proud as they instill a sense of belonging. 
Some of the local brands popping up on the scene have put all their savings into their passion which is a good reason to give them our full support.

Here are some additional motivators to support local.

Know the People Behind the Product
Local brands offer transparency and give you the opportunity to know the real person behind the brand. They may be more approachable as they care for their products and the services they provide. 

Show That You Care About the Community You Live In
Local brands bond the community tighter, instill a sense of belonging and appreciation of the homegrown. 

You Get Unique Products
Local brands have originality and bring variety to an otherwise mainstream product offering by corporate chains. They offer products that have been produced with love and care, give you more choices of higher quality and provides authentic flavour to its surroundings.

You Get a Different Kind of Care and Service
Independent businesses care about the quality of what they produce, their products are a reflection of themselves, the service is therefore often more intimate and caring. Reputation and quality is very important for small business owners. The small entrepreneurs are more likely to listen to its customers and take feedback seriously.

Supporting local keeps the $ within the community and helps support entrepreneurship that is essential for the future. Supporting local is often a more environmentally friendly choice too. 

By supporting local you help to bring character into the otherwise commercialised world!!