As humans we all need to feel motivated to achieve. Most of us are lazy by nature so we need all the encouragement we can get to get out there and move our bodies.

Clothes are something that motivates women all the time. Most of us want to look good and its not just about vanity, it's about self confidence, self expression and about feeling good about ourselves. If you dress up for a workout the same way you would dress up for work or for a night out you will feel motivated and good about yourself. On the other hand, wearing an oversized t-shirt and an old worn out pair of leggings will make you feel as if working out is a necessary evil. Pop into a fashionably sexy matching set of workout clothes of good quality fabric and you will feel totally different about your workout.  

Here are some ways a fashionable workout wardrobe will help you along the way:

Wear Your Workout Clothes
Research has proven that we are what we wear, the clothes we wear has influence on how we behave and how we achieve! The more you wear your workout clothes the more you will feel motivated to workout, even if you are just taking a day off at home. Find workout clothes that are comfortable, fit you well and make you look great.  

Build a Flexible Workout Wardrobe
Start building a workout wardrobe and make sure each piece matches so that you can wear a different outfyt every time. Start with matching sets and add on matching pieces for variety, you will not only look great but you will feel comfortable too!

Fashion & Function
Look for quality brands that focus not only on function but on fashion as well. Good quality workout garments can be worn any time and it's up to you how you style your pieces. A pair of bicycle shorts will look great with a blazer and leggings will look good with a white oversized shirt and heels. Fashionable work out bra tops and crop tops can be worn with high waisted trousers or under a sheer blouse. 

Quality over Big Brands
When you choose brands, concentrate on finding independent brands that are transparent and responsible producers of quality garments. Smaller brands are often more fashionable, high tech and have a cause. 

Get moving and motivated in style!!