We know that stress has a bad effect on our bodies but how should we handle periods of increased stress efficiently? 

If you feel that you are under constant stress and things are piling up at the same time on all levels; if you have high demands from work and no free time during the weekends, if you are trying to handle everything but it feels like you can't catch up or if you can't remember the last time you had some time to yourself the stress can be negative for your overall health. Some hidden signs of stress can be unexplainable weight gain, insomnia or low resistance to sicknesses.


Here are some tips on how you can manage your daily stress and work with tools to handle stress and stay as mentally healthy as possible.

Tension in muscles are released during a massage which helps your mind release stress and relax mentally as well. If you can't go for regular massages you can compensate by stretching while listening to calming music or go for a walk at the beach or in the forest. Regularly doing things that make you present in the moment is a great way to fight stress.   

Negative thoughts and stress are established in our 
subconscious mind and because hypnosis can access our subconscious it can also release stored stress. Hypnosis often has a calming effect and makes us feel lighter after a session. The aim is to change our focus so that the thought process can be positively altered. 

When stressed it is very easy to mindlessly eat by munching on unhealthy snacks, dampening the stress with sugar and fat. Eating something that taste good will make us feel happy for a moment, so it's not strange that so many of us use eating as a form of reward. However, these unhealthy habits are short-lived and does not help relieve stress long term. Instead healthy and nutritious food packed with antioxidants, polyphenols as well as pre and probiotics are effective and simple ways of lowering stress levels and boost the immune system. 

General Practitioner
If you are not sure why you are feeling stressed you can approach your general practitioner and together identify lifestyle choices you can make to improve your stress levels. Your doctor may ask you to change your diet or exercise routines. He/she may teach you breathing exercises or recommend meditation or advise you to visit a psychologist if your stress is manifesting as an 

Psychological Help
If stress is starting to destroy your life it's a good idea to make an appointment to talk to a life coach or a psychologist. A psychologist will help to identify stress triggers and give you tools to handle the situations that triggers stress. Talking about your situation with a professional can help make the situation clearer and more 

To beat stress, exercise is always a good option too. Keep to a routine that is not too hard to follow and don't set goals that are too high for you to achieve. And if you don't feel motivated to exercise why not get yourself a new Outfyt to boost your motivation and get on the path to a better healthier life.