Resistance bands are useful for rehabilitation and as a start to weight training, but they can be very effective for those who already are used to training too.

Resistance Bands help Increase Muscle Activity

Resistance Bands are a great addition to your regular training as they create both push and pull resistance in the same exercise. 

An example of this is doing sit ups with a resistance band tied to a fixed object behind you while holding the other end of the band behind the neck. Where this exercise used to be the lightest it now becomes the heaviest. 

A study featured in the European Journal of Sport Science showed that resistance bands can increase muscle activity with up to 15% compare to working out with dumbbells. The stretch in the bands activates many small stabilising muscles during the push and pull movements while being very kind on your joints.

With resistance bands, you can target specific muscle groups or do total body exercises. They are great for training at home and  convenient to bring on travels where you might not have access to a gym. Ask your Personal Trainer for a program that you can use to complement your existing training plan. 

Increase Calorie Burn with Resistance Bands

The more muscle fibre you activate during your training, the more calories you will burn. The more muscle mass you have the more energy is burned even when you are not training!

Using resistance bands will increase the intensity of your workouts. This means that you will burn more calories while building muscles which in turn will speed up your metabolism!

Working out with Resistance Bands will challenge you so you may want to choose gear that will support you through your training. Consider compression leggings that will help with blood circulation, your muscles will recover faster and you will get more out of each training session.

Resistance Bands come in different colours that indicate different resistance levels. Check out the range that is offered or ask your Personal Trainer for recommendations.

Resistance Bands Can Help to Corrects Your Technique

One of the strongest advantages of resistance bands is that they automatically help to correct your technique. 

The bands will help to correct your posture when used during squats by pressing your knees outward and your elbows will be held at the right angle while doing push ups.


Strengthen Your Weakness

Resistance Bands will make a great difference for those who have lazy bum-muscles or muscles around the shoulder-blades that are hard to activate. If you need to activate lazy muscles and balance your body on places where your muscles are weaker for example at the back of your legs, resistance bands will do the job.

girl with resistance band
girl with resistance band

Stretch Your Limits with Resistance Bands