"A good sports bra should be like your best friend"

We know that choosing the right sports bra can be confusing and sometimes difficult but if you get it right, your workout will be more comfortable and more productive too.

As always, we are here to help! 
What you need are some tips and tricks on how to chose the correct impact level for your activity.

Read on for a few guidelines to help you along.

High Impact Sports Bra

A high impact bra should have moulded cups and/or an underwire as well as thick shoulder and back straps to keep your bust from moving up and down or sideways during high impact exercise. 

You may want to consider a high impact sports bra if you have a large cup size (from size D and up) and want to do high impact activities.

Mera Sports Bra in the Colour Wine

Medium Support Sports Bra

If your favourite sport or activity does not include repeated jumping or if your favourite activity is strength training, aerobics, power walking, hiking, spin or similar exercises you should consider a high performance Medium Support Sports Bra.

A, B and C cups will have adequate support from wearing a well designed high compressive Medium Support Sports Bra even for high intensity activities. 

Alva Sports Bra in the colour Pumpkin

Light Support Sports Bra

Chose a Light Support Sports Bra for sports and activities that don't include quick upper body movements or high impact. A Light Support Sports Bra is great for activities such as yoga, pilates, dance or cycling.

Zuli Crop Top in the Colour Aegean

Tips for Girls with A & B cups

If you are an A or B cup girl, you will not need a high support bra, all you need is a bra that fits well with good compression that holds your breasts to the chest wall. 

Lilly V 2.0 in the colour sand, Lykke Sports Bra in the Colour Sand

Tips for Girls with C cups and Larger

For cups larger than C choose a good compression bra with wider bands and straps if you don't like encapsulation bras with underwires. 

If you are not sure of what's the best fit for you just send us a message and we will help you out. You can also try our quiz that will select a bra that fits your needs and preferences.