Every photoshoot is a new experience as we work and share creative ideas with a team of forward thinking professionals, it's really fulfilling to learn and grow with others through new experiences. Apart from creating awesome design pieces (that you love) this is one of our favourite parts of our job. 

As the message for this particular photo shoot is important to us, we would like to take some time out to bring you through the creative concept and thoughts behind these images.

How much microplastic do you have to consume before you become a plastic dummy?

When we scheduled this shoot we wanted to create an impact and produce photos with a strong message and bring awareness to the overuse of plastic and how the human population have produced so much toxic plastic waste that it eventually is affecting the health and wellbeing of mankind. This is such an important topic that can't be ignored any longer. We feel that every single person can and should make a difference. If our governments and large cooperations are not acting with urgency we should motivate them by making intelligent and thoughtful choices throughout the day. A little goes a long way, talking about sustainable issues, making informed purchases and making small changes to your daily activities is a great start!

The Shoot

With the first concept, we used a plastic sheet and wrapped it around the model. We wanted to show her entrapped in plastic like a sea creature, struggling to set herself free. During this shoot, the model was imagining herself as a sea creature and felt extremely sad as she was experiencing what they go through on a daily basis.



With the second concept, the model was suspended and supported by a long strip of plastic wrap supporting her back as she bends backwards. With this image we wanted to show the relationship between humans and their reliance on single-use plastics.


All plastic used in this shoot were either reused or recycled.


Here are comments by the professionals involved in this shoot:

In line with Outfyt's vision as an eco-conscious activewear brand, the photoshoot provided us with a greater realisation that sustainability goes beyond caring for the environment, and it is also our responsibility to support brands that preach pro-social messages, apply sustainable manufacturing practices and exercise ethical business standards. With all these in mind, we hope to tackle the emotional core of this matter, to elicit a strong human response in the most vivid manner possible and that is through the use of imagery.

Wei Xuan

To make a difference I feel we should all invest in sustainability. To get started and make a difference. That's whether you care about a cause or driving social change. I've seen so many fast fashion brands where many consumers are blindly buying just to keep up with the latest trend. Consumers are not aware of its negative environmental impact, water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste. The photoshoot felt like a live art performance and as a performer covered with plastic, I felt suffocated and out of breath.


Make-up Artist:
As a team we discussed using body paint to create organic, rustic lines as Charlene our model is a dancer. The body paint was applied spontaneously to contrast the freedom of the sea with the restrictive quality of man-made pollutants. 


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Single use plastics: