A good pair of quality leggings can be the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet. Here are some tips on how leggings should fit and what to think about to get the most out of your ultimate legging. 

There is no doubt that black is a staple colour for any closet but if you are a fan of black, other dark colours can be just a flattering but more fun. If you use your leggings for running errands chose solid colours instead of patterns for a more elegant and versatile look. 

Wearing activewear should motivate, inspire and make you look good! Tops and bottoms that blend in colour will make you look taller and slimmer. If you like prints on your legging opt for a top that is plain or matching. 

If you exercise outdoors, avoid wearing black. Choose lighter colours to stay cooler. Light, breathable, sun reflective and UV fabrics are great for outdoor use. 

Avoid leggings with texture as they easily add bulk to the legs. Always opt for sustainable materials, be curious and ask questions with regards to the origins of the materials you like. 

Make sure you choose a legging that is of a high quality squat proof material and make sure they stay in place during your work out. Always select materials that are breathable and check that the leggings have flat seams for ultimate comfort.

Choose leggings that hit above the ankle as they are more flattering and make sure you are wearing the right size. Leggings should not be too tight nor too loose. When trying on leggings, stretch and bend to see how the leggings reacts to your body shape. Sizes differ for brands so make sure to get professional help or follow size charts. If you are in-between sizes, size up if you prefer a looser fit and size down if you prefer a tighter fit.

If your leggings bundle around your knees or ankles they are not the right size and you need to size down.  

For intense activities such as running or kick-boxing opt for compression fabrics that will help with blood circulation for quicker muscle recovery. Compression leggings will help reduce post workout soreness and they make your legs look defined which is a reason enough!

and not to forget... always wear seamless undergarments with your leggings.

Always consider the quality and lifespan of the fabric. From a sustainability view point it is always better to buy one good pair than 4 cheap ones. 

Avoid cotton as it is a less sustainable material and only moderately breathable. Work out clothes in cotton usually loose both shape and colour. Make sure to check the care label instructions before buying your leggings. Ask for advice with regards to washing and general care if you are unsure. Leggings should never be washed with softener as it will clog the breathability of the fabric and make the material smell over time. 

High quality nylon and spandex materials will retain their shape, are sweat wicking and will dry quickly. You may want to check reviews of the brand before you make a purchase decision.

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