It's almost two weeks into the New Year, have you been sticking to your New Years resolution?

60% of us will make New Years resolutions and only half of us will be able to keep them but hey, there is more of a possibility for us to keep our resolution if we make one than if we don't!

Setting goals and trying to achieve them is a great way to start the year or to get ahead in general. The most common resolution made is to start working out or work out more. To help you achieve your resolution, here are some tips you may want to take inspiration from.

Make Your Resolution Simple
If you have not been working out for years, start small and advance as you improve. Setting impossible goals will not get you anywhere and will most probably leave you feeling like quitting after the 1st week. 

Be Patient & Keep trying
Set off with a strong mind set not to make excuses for giving up. When you feel disheartened look at what you already achieved and keep going. Keep in mind that you need to keep going for at least 21 days before your new behaviour becomes a habit and a part of who you are. 

Track Your Progress
Make notes of your progress and accomplishments to keep yourself motivated or use an app like MyFitnessPal or QardioBase. Set small part goals that are easy to accomplish bit by bit. 

Find a Workout Partner
Try to find a work out partner who has the same goals as you and try to motivate each other to stick to your work out plan. After all we all need a little help from a friend from time to time. 

Get Inspired
A great way to get inspired is to wear cool workout Outfyts. It's way more fun to work out when you look and feel good. 

Use Apps & Technology
Find an app that works for your goals, they can be great reminders and fun too. An apple watch can work as a motivator as it can keep track of your progress.

Plan ahead
Plan how you will set off time to work out, after all you don't want to allow yourself to use the excuse of quitting because "I don't have the time". Block off times in your calendar and plan your evening activities or outings around those days, its more likely that you can stick to your regime if you have a good routine planned out. 

Reward yourself
The first 7 days is always the hardest before you cultivate a habit, to keep going make sure you reward yourself. Make up little rewards that works for you, like a trip to the movies or something else that you can look forward to like a new workout Outfyt ☺

Be kind to yourself & anticipate problems
You will most probably know what problems you will encounter so try to figure out ahead of time how to deal with them when they happen. If you really don't feel like working out give yourself a break and go for a long walk instead or do an alternative activity. Learn from the triggers and keep going!

Now all you need to do is to #getoutgetfyt