Here's some good news for a wallet friendly way of maintaining healthier and younger skin; exercise!!

Exercise is not only good for general health but great for slimming down, muscle toning, keeping a healthy psyche, keeping anxiety at bay and does wonders for posture and confidence. It also makes you look good! Researchers have found that exercising slows down ageing and miraculously regular exercising of a 40 year old is likely to make her skin look 10-20 years younger.

Here is how:
Regular exercise reduces inflammation as well as regulates skin hormones which in turn prevents from free-radical damages. The increased blood circulation during exercise repairs damages from the sun while nutrients released during exercise improves the skins collagen production which helps the skin look firm and elastic. This process also helps to stimulate the release of natural skin oils which makes the skin smoother and younger looking. The increased blood circulation and dilation of vessels also helps reduce acne, wrinkles and improves dull skin. If thats not enough, regular exercise also gives us smoother and more radiant skin as the
increased heart rate boosts circulation which in turn releases oxygen and nutrients through the body which reduces inflammations and regulates skin hormones.
In short regular exercise has tremendous regenerating effects during the the skin’s ageing process. You will notice near to immediate effects it has on the thickness and elasticity of your complexion once you start a regular exercising regime.
So you may be wondering, what kind of exercise do I need to do to get this magic
complexion all for free? Exercising for a better complexion does not have to be hard work, all you need is 30 min of brisk walking or Yoga three times a week for your skin to look radiant. Toning is great for increasing the oxygen flow in your body, you can chose exercises like TRX, Yoga, Pilates and Barre which will work wonders for a radiant glowing skin. Cardio exercises are good too as it will help to flush toxins out of the body, this will help keep your skin inflammation free. 

Here is a list of additional ways to keeping your skin healthy:
Hydrate - Drink enough water (2.5-3 litres a day)
Sleep - Try to get 8 hours sleep every night
Moisturise - Make sure you get a good moisturiser
Use SPF - Don’t forget to use sun block daily
Eat Healthy Clean Food - Skip anything with incomprehensible ingredients and avoid sugars