Sustainable Packaging

90% of plastics and food scraps end up in landfill, and in that environment, they turn into methane which is a deadly enemy of our Planet. Hero Packaging specialise in mailers that are 100% home compostable, but also made from such materials (cornstarch and cassava roots) that if they ended up in landfill, they would still break down with no waste.

We ship our single items out in these eco-friendly mailers.




Home compostable and fully biodegradable mailers made out of corn starch (from corn not fit for consumption), PLA (Polylactide, which is made from waste corn too and other plants) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). Read more about their full lifecycle impact here.

We ship our bigger orders out in these eco-friendly mailers.


Made from cassava starch, its bags are non-toxic, sturdy, biodegradable and compostable in months, certified non-GMO, and contain zero petroleum-based components. The bags are edible and safe for animals as well as dissolvable in water.

Our manufacturer in Indonesia uses Avani's bags to pack our clothes.


If you don't have a compost at home, you can bring them back to us and we will do it for you!