Starting your day with a brisk walk is a great way to have some time out to contemplate and set your intentions for the day and it's great for overall health as well.

Here are some surprising benefits you can gain from a 30 minute daily walk:

- A 30 minute daily walk can prolong your life for up to 7 years! Walking does count as exercise. In order to get the benefits, you need to walk faster than you would in the grocery store but you don't need to have the speed of a power walker. 

- Regular walking will lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, breast and colon cancer.

- A brisk walk of 30 minutes a day burns 150 calories and will help you maintain your weight!

- A brisk daily walk will keep you happier as the exercise will release endorphins in your brain. The steps you take will align itself with your breath and will boost blood flow and oxygen to your brain which will lead to a feeling of general well being. 

- When walking make sure to keep good posture, swing your arms moderately and keep your head upright without looking at the ground. Engage your core muscles and keep your back straight.

Best of all walking is free, so get your best Outfyt on and walk your way to a healthier life.