The Australian skin care brand dedicated to empowering women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Made with natural ingredients enriched with vitamins and antioxidants their range of products improves your skin's texture and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. 

Muse body oil

We caught up with MUSE’s CEO to know a little bit more about the entrepreneurial Girl Boss behind the brand. We absolutely love her story and hope that you will get inspired by her just like we did. We’d like to think that every successful brand has a visionary leader behind it - someone with passion, drive and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. By listening to Tan’s story we realised that good ideas are born from solving a problem and that’s exactly what Tan has done. 

Tan Boonsirisuk, CEO of MUSE the skin company

OUTFYT: What advice would you give to other women who are considering starting their own businesses? 


"Start now - figure it out later”

Tan Boonsirisuk

“I wanted to look good naked’

OUTFYT: We’d love to know what inspired you to start your own business?

TAN: After giving birth, I suffered from postpartum depression. To recover, I decided to take a break from my job in real estate and focus on caring for myself and my baby.

I noticed that not only did my pregnancy impact my mental health, but it also made a dramatic change to my entire body and skin. The worst part was my buttocks area, which had severe stretch marks, an orange peel texture and an uneven complexion. At the time, I knew it might sound unimportant and silly to others, but it was a big problem for me because I wanted to look good (naked). Combining my love and passion for natural beauty, I started searching for a product to address this issue, but to my surprise, it didn't exist. Two years later, MUSE was launched with its first signature product, Butt Gloss!

“Visionary leaders are the driving force behind successful brands”

Muse butt gloss

OUTFYT: What do you think the biggest advantage of being a female entrepreneur is?

TAN: The self-branding attitude! I think female entrepreneurs are extremely passionate by nature and enthusiastic about their choices, as well as sharing their thoughts. As women, we are good at emphasising the benefits of our services to customers and we know how to highlight positive features. I think this is our biggest advantage.

OUTFYT: If you could have a super power what would it be?

TAN: I would end gender-based injustice, inequality and violence against women and children. 

OUTFYT: What's the biggest challenge you faced developing the perfect butt oil?

TAN: Oh, there are so many! But the biggest one would be working with native natural ingredients. Because they are natural, they grow by seasons so it's like they have their own unique personalities! Because of this, it’s difficult to keep the gloss consistent in colour and scent. 

Muse butt gloss

OUTFYT: How do you source your ingredients and what steps do you take to ensure that they are ethical and sustainable?

TAN: We operate our own local boutique factory and only source ingredients from suppliers that we know and visit ourselves here on the West Coast of Australia. 

By 2024 we aim to power our factory and head office with the help of 195 solar panels. This means that we will be entirely powered by sustainable energy sources, with over 60% of our energy generated by our own solar power.

OUTFYT: What are the steps you've taken to be a zero waste company?

TAN: An estimate of 30% of our bottles are made from recycled materials. New technology means that over one third of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR resin) can be used in packaging without compromising the integrity of the product. Beyond this, MUSE’s bottles and cardboard packaging are all 100% recyclable with our packaging peanuts being 100% water dissolvable. 

OUTFYT: Why do normal body oils not work as well on our butts?

TAN: Regular body oils don’t have the concentration of active ingredients like our butt gloss does. Normal body oils are usually formulated to only give your skin light hydration while our oil also acts as a skin treatment with deep hydration.

Muse butt gloss

OUTFYT: How long does it typically take to see results from using MUSE butt oil?

TAN: To be frank, it really depends on your skin condition. But in general, people see their results on or around week 4.

OUTFYT: Can the MUSE butt oil be used on other parts of the body too?

TAN: Absolutely! We see people using butt gloss on their belly, breasts, thighs and the whole body! Some even replace their body oil with butt gloss oil instead.

OUTFYT: What is the best feedback you've received about your products?

TAN: It’s definitely the feedback I got from one of my very first customers, a well-known yoga instructor. She just had a newborn baby and like me, she was super conscious about her post-baby body, with stretch marks on her butt. She started using the MUSE butt gloss to regain her confidence and return to teaching yoga. Some 8 weeks later her stretch marks were reduced by 80-90%, it was unreal! I will never forget her telling me; “you know, the butt gloss really helped me get my career back”. It was so rewarding for me to hear that. When things get though, I often go back and read customer feedback to remind myself why I do what I do.

OUTFYT: Can you share any exciting future plans for MUSE that we can look forward to?

TAN: I’m not allowed to but I will!

This year, we are launching 2 new exciting products. I can’t tell you more but stay close because you wouldn’t want to miss this!

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