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Get Ahead, Save, and Enjoy!

Pre-ordering is a fun and exciting way to be among the first to own the latest and greatest products! 

With early access to the newest items, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're ahead of the game at a discount. And, by pre-ordering, you can ensure that you'll receive the product you want, even if it becomes popular and sells out quickly. Plus the pre-order discount makes it an even more enjoyable experience. 

By pre-ordering, you're not only supporting the development process, but also ensuring a convenient delivery straight to your doorstep.  

A Greener Tomorrow with Pre-Ordering

Pre-ordering is good for the environment because it allows for accurate production planning and reduction of waste!

When we know in advance how many items will be sold, we can plan accordingly and avoid both overproduction and stock shortages. It also helps us use our resources more efficiently, reducing our environmental impact. By pre-ordering the items you want to buy you can play a role in supporting environmentally-friendly practices and help to create a more sustainable future.

"Convenience meets Responsibility"

How it works:

By pre-ordering you place an order for an item before it is officially released or available for sale. Here's how it works:

1. Choose a product: 

Browse the Outfyt website to find the product you want to pre-order.

2. Place your order: 

Complete your order and make payment at a discount. This secures your place in line for the product when it becomes available.

3. Wait for release: 

Wait for the product to be released and manufactured. We will notify you when it's ready to be shipped.

4. Receive your product: 

Once the product is available, we will ship it to you. This will normally take 4-6 weeks.

5. Enjoy your product: 
When you receive your product, you can enjoy it before its available to everyone else at full price.

Pre-Order the Terry Collection Now!

It's finally here - Outfyt's First sustainable leisurewear collection!

Outfyt's founder and designer, Stephanie put a lot of thought into designing this versatile matching set, available on pre-order in two colours and designed to look effortlessly stylish for any occasion. If you are anything like her you just want to spend as little effort and time as possible to look fantastic stepping out the door. This need of hers was the inspiration behind the Terry Edit collection.

Pioneering the use of technical fabrics into leisure wear, we selected an Italian terry fabric made from recycled plastic waste with the same technical properties as our activewear, now isn't that just amazing. No ironing required!

20% off pre-order for the Terry Edit until 24 February 2023

Don’t miss the chance to purchase the Terry Edit limited collection at 20% off before the 24th February.

After the 24th February regular price will apply and discounts will not be available any more. Click the link to see your favourite item and get your pre-orders special discount!