Have you been wondering why Outfyt didn't join the Black Friday craze? It's time to rethink the empty consumerism!

Considering that many retailers are struggling this year due to the pandemic it would only seem logical to join in on the Black Friday week of consumerism and crazy good purchase deals. After all, the month leading up to Christmas is a cash cow for most retailers so it only makes good business sense to make that quick buck to be able to pay staff bonuses and lingering bills. 

Although we all felt good rewarding ourselves during the lock down by doing some mindless online shopping and clicking home that thing that we deep inside knew we really didn't need only to receive it with excitement and then once again feeling unfulfilled once we put it away. This behaviour is not just unfulfilling it is unsustainable. 

During the lock down many of us stumbled on a new found fulfilment by sewing our own masks, growing our own food and baking our own bread or sweet treats. Some even managed to make it into successful new businesses. So while we fuel consumerism by supporting Black Friday we can also see the back to basics of authentic handcrafted businesses trying to tip the scale. 

By slowing down to really take the time and research on the things you are buying, understanding the brand and the company's mission, the process, the story, how and where they were made, by whom, using what materials.. you will eventually make better purchasing decisions that are fulfilling on a completely different level. 

If 2020 is the year we are forced to rethink how we treat mother earth, why not start by rethinking what you purchase and if your purchases contribute or prevents the earth from being a wonderful place for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. 

Happy mindful shopping!