The festive season is soon upon us and although we all look forward to the treats that come with CNY it also leaves some extra kg on the hips on some of us. Here are some tips that may help you avoid gaining that extra weight.

Choose Your Snacks
Instead of trying all the snacks there is to offer, choose your favourite and decide how many you will allow yourself to eat.

Here is an indication of how many calories popular CNY snacks contain:

Pineapple Tart: ~82kcal/piece
Kueh Bahulu: ~40kcal/piece
Kueh Bankit: ~23kcal/piece
Dried Shrimp Roll: ~23kcal/piece
Love Letters: ~112kcal/piece
Bak Kwa: ~370kcal/piece
Kueh Lapis: ~157kcal/piece

Savour Your Snack

Be mindful of what you are eating and make sure you enjoy your snack. It is really easy to munch away without even paying attention to what you are eating so eat less and enjoy every bite mindfully.

Eat Half the Portion
Here is a trick that works wonders for us; whatever you eat just make a decision to eat half of what you usually would eat. Eat your proteins and fibres but only consume half of your normal portion of rice.

Make sure to get all the proteins you need as they increase your metabolism. Fibre rich food helps to reduce your total calorie intake so make sure to get your fill of veggies and fruit too. 

Why not contribute with a home cooked healthy dish or a Keto treat!

Mind What You Drink
Another big calorie trap during the festive season is the free flow of alcohol, sodas and other soft drinks. Even when you think you are holding back on eating calories you may just be drinking them instead! Yikes!

Get Your Family Activated
Instead of sitting through most of the day, think of a game or activity you can do with your family to get off your feet, it could be as simple as a family visit to the park or the beach, a skipping game or anything you think your family would like to do together.