Reusable Packaging

This is SWOP

Finally.. a super Sustainable Way of Posting! SWOP can be reused many times for delivering parcels and is made from totally natural, renewable materials - FSC paper, organic cotton, soy-based inks and a plant-derived coating.

returnable + reusable + recyclable

Recycled and recyclable, reusable and returnable packaging that can go back and forth time and time again without ever needing to be disposed of. Here's how:


Choose SWOP packaging at checkout


When you receive your order, start by removing the shipping label. After that, open the SWOP packaging by tearing open the velcro strip. Do not use scissors to cut open this parcel.


Fold the SWOP pack to envelope size, stick on the returns label that came with the parcel and drop it in a local posting box near you. Alternatively, drop it off at our boutique at 35 Haji Lane. If we're closed, place it in our red mailbox.


Once we get it back, you'll receive 150 rewards points as a thank you for saving the environment.
Check out our rewards program here

(Rewards points are currently only applicable for returns made at our boutique)

Fold the SWOP pack to envelope size


What is the reusable packaging program about?

We are partnering WWF-Singapore in this pilot program to study the scalability of reusable e-commerce packaging in Singapore. Through this program, we will be providing the option to deliver your purchases in reusable packaging. Results of the pilot trial will be shared upon completion. Find out more about the pilot here.

Tell me more about the reusable packaging!

SWOP is made from totally natural and renewable materials - FSC paper, organic cotton, soy-base inks and a plant-derived coating. We love it because it can be reused many times for delivering parcels.

What impact do I make when I opt-in for reusable packaging?

For every time you return the reusable packaging, you are avoiding the use of new resources for the manufacturing of single-use packaging.

Is it important that I return the packaging?

Yes! In order for this pilot to be a success, it is important that you return it so that it can continue to be circulated. We hope you will support us in doing your part in making this new system work.

I’m interested! How can I be part of this?

When you shop with us online, pick the reusable packaging option at check out. At the moment, this is only available for orders shipped within Singapore.

What do I do when I receive my order?

Start by removing the shipping label and open the packaging by tearing open the velcro strip. As the packaging is meant to be reused, do not use scissors to cut or open your parcel.

How do I return the packaging?

Here are two ways to return the packaging:

Mail it back to us (postage is free!)

- Fold the reusable packaging to envelop size and stick on the returns sticker label that came with your order.

- Drop it off at your nearest Post Box/Post Office (find one near you here), and off it goes!

Drop it off at our boutique (35 Haji Lane)

- Make an appointment here to drop it off! If you’d like to drop by outside our opening hours, you can place it in our red mailbox.

Do I get anything for returning the packaging?

If you return the reusable packaging to us in store, you will receive 150 reward points. Check out our rewards program here.

The reward points are only valid if you return the packaging within 1 month from the date of parcel delivery.

At the moment, orders that are returned via post will not receive reward points. (Sorry about this! It’s part of our pilot study.)

How do I keep my reusable packaging in good condition?

Do return it promptly once you have the opportunity


Don’t use scissors to cut open this parcel
Don’t keep personal items in them before returning, especially food
Don’t wash or soak it
Don’t fill it with items weighing a total of more than 5kg

In collaboration with WWF-Singapore,
as part of the PACT program