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Did you know that with every purchase at Outfyt you contribute to cleaning the seas? For every Outfyt you purchase, we donate to clearing the ocean of plastic waste. We love that we have the opportunity to do something so important together with you, saving the sea one Outfyt at the time!

Ocean Waste
Every year 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced, this is equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. 

It is estimated that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in our oceans. Each year this figure grows by at least another 8 million tons. If this trend continues, we will have more plastics in the sea than fish by 2050.
The waste that we can see floating on the ocean surface amounts to 15% of the total waste while another 15% ends up on beaches. The remaining 70% of waste is under the water surface sinking into the oceans ecosystem. 

Global Warming
When the ocean is polluted, its currents can't distribute heat across the globe in the way a healthy ocean would by helping to regulate temperature and weather, reducing climate change impacts produced by humans. The plastic debris take centuries to break down, continuously shedding microplastics that enter the ecosystem ending up in our food chain. 

Change & Action
While the EU recently implemented a ban on single use plastic, there is much more the world leaders could be doing to stop us from drowning in plastic waste. Single individuals and companies must take their responsibility and contribute with wiser decisions too. 

On a positive note more companies and non profit organisations are doing their part to clean the ocean and reuse plastic waste. Healthy Seas is a good example of a non profit organisation that is dedicated to clean the ocean of abandoned fishing nets which both trap marine wildlife and shed microplastics. 
During diving season, divers will volunteer their time to retrieve fishing nets from the ocean that can be as big as a football field. This is a difficult and time consuming process. You can read more about Healthy Seas and their work here.

Healthy Seas need all the help they can get so let's save the ocean together!