What's The Hype About Upcycling?

If you haven't gotten excited about upcycling yet you should!!! It is really fun and rewarding too! While recycling itself is not enough to keep landfills from growing we can all take better care of mother earth by upcycling things we otherwise would throw away. Upcycling is basically about taking something that has served its use and giving it a second life.

Why Do We Need to Upcycle?

In accordance to the UN's SDG targets, every country should be responsible for its own waste. This means not exporting waste to developing countries or dumping it in the sea, as well as minimising landfills. 

Upcycling not only helps landfills from growing but it's also great as new products can be made without using new material resources. Upcycled products are unique and you know you have made a difference making them. 

Here are some facts that will amaze you:
Singapore alone sent 3mil tons of waste to landfill in 2019. Globally 37% of waste end up as landfill. Over 11mil tons of recyclable clothes, textiles and shoes make it to landfill in the US every year due to fast fashion. 80% of items sent to landfill could be recycled or upcycled.


Get Started - Get Crafty

Let's get started with a fun upcycling project!! You can easily start a solo project or one that you can do together with the rest of the family. Remember that google is your friend, you can get all the inspiration and help you want from a google search. Be creative and start with a project that is easy and attainable. Let your creativity flow and transform old pet bottles to hanging pots, repurpose that old dress you wanted to throw out into a skirt, or transform old wine bottles into candle holders, vases or lanterns. What about turning a pallet into a flower bed, or for really creative ideas, why not make that old tennis racket into a mirror, bottle caps into tea lights or transform that old sweater into a pillow case. I hope you got some ideas to get you excited on your new project! 

During the last few months I have done a few enjoyable upcycling projects myself, you can read more about them on Outfyt's "Trash to Treasure" group on FB. Where I hope you will share your ideas and projects too. I had a lot of fun crocheting old T-shirts into buckets and instead of throwing away a very old bed sheet I crochet it into a door matt!! To my surprise it all turned out alright and I felt so much more productive in front of the TV getting my crocheting on knowing I helped save the earth at the same time.  

At Outfyt we have been upcycling left over materials from old stock and samples. Our first upcycling project has been to saw bucket hats. They turned out really cute and popular. If you would like to get your hands on one you can PM us to preorder. The bucket hats are available in three different inner rim colours; baby blue, baby pink and grey.

Help keeping waste from ending up in landfills by turning trash into treasure!!

Inspire others by sharing your upcycling ideas on the "Trash To Treasure" group on Outfyt's FB page!