What can Kombucha do for your workout?

Kombucha is by now a well known and widely available health drink that is especially good for replenishing good bacteria in the gut, but did you know that it has great properties for your workout too? Kombucha contains loads of probiotics, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes and necessary acids that helps you increase your stamina during your work out and then supports muscle repair once you finished your exercise routine. Athletes and sports enthusiasts have been drinking Kombucha since the 1970s and swears by how it boosts their energy level and helps their bodies recover quickly post work out. Overall it’s a great substitute for commercial isotonic drinks that may contain artificial ingredients as well as sugar.

Healthy & Strong Joints
Researchers agree on that Kombucha is an excellent remedy for increased joint flexibility and that it helps to decrease joint pain. Some researchers believe that glucuronic acid combined with other sulphates and acids is what helps to rebuild tissues especially in the knees. Kombucha is widely used by athletes and runners to aid their painful joints.

The natural electrolytes in Kombucha help to absorb water into the body, this is especially useful as lost electrolytes need to be replenished after a sweaty work out, making Kombucha a powerful recovery drink.

Increase Energy Levels
If you are one of many who experience nausea during or after a hard work out you will be happy to know that Kombucha fixes that by pumping you up with vitamins and minerals so that you can work harder for a longer time. The ingredients in Kombucha helps to absorb nutrients into the body which in turn helps to prevent fatigue and helps ease muscle soreness.

Aids Muscle Recovery
The antioxidants in Kombucha helps the body to recover post work out by binding the toxins so they can be excreted through the kidneys. This is especially useful for endurance sports. American marathon runners and MBA players are among those who include Kombucha in their diets.

Here at Outfyt we brew our own Kombucha, look out for our next blog post on Kombucha brewing at home!