Apart from being sustainable, the materials we use are specifically produced for activewear. This means that they have been put through a range of quality tests to meet the needs of most sport activities. 

Why are the materials Outfyt use called "performance materials"?
Performance materials are materials that perform one or more functions. This is great when working out as a high performance material can help you in many ways so that you can concentrate fully on the activity you are doing. The Eco Luxe fabric has no less than 14 fabric features! You can read more about them here. 

How do I chose the right material for my sport & activity?
The most important things to consider when selecting your workout clothes is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. All the materials we have selected for you are very soft and comfortable on the skin, breathable and squat proof.

Eco Luxe Light
If you are doing outdoor activities this fabric is a must as it will protect you from harmful UV rays. The Eco Luxe Light material that we use for the Nova Crew Neck Tee and Elin Long Sleeve Crop Top is perfectly worn on top of a sports bra protecting you from the harmful UV rays while its lightness, breathability and sweat wicking properties keeps you cool and looking good. 

Eco Luxe
If you are a rough wearer go for the Eco Luxe range of fabrics as it is suitable for not only high intensity activities but it also withstands weekly machine washes for years without changing its performance capabilities. This range has superb compression benefits that helps your muscles recover faster. You can be sure that while you are working up a sweat this material will act as a second skin not getting in the way of a great work out. 

Eco Luxe Suede
If you like bright happy colours with a suede feel the Eco Luxe Suede collection is for you. While this material is less suitable for activities where you constantly rub against other surfaces (it might pill), it is extremely comfortable especially if you like to wear your activewear all day long. Wear this range if you love long boarding, pilates or getting those 10,000 steps in. 

How to take care of your Outfyt
Sustainability goes beyond design thoughts, production methods and sustainability programs. We hope we have inspired you with our activewear not only to stay fit and healthy but to embrace the beauty of your unique body with confidence. We hope you will continue the sustainable journey of your new garment. Hand wash or machine wash in a laundry bag on a gentle cold cycle without fabric softener and hang to dry out of direct sunlight and your Outfyt will last for a long time to come.

Fabric Care Reminders:
-Hand wash or machine wash in a laundry bag on a gentle cold cycle. You will receive an Outfyt laundry bag with each purchase that also traps micro-plastics. 
-Refrain from the use of fabric softener as it will clog up the breathability of the fabric, this goes for all your activewear. 
-Hang to dry out of the sun to make sure the fabric retains its elasticity and colour.
-Do not iron, or the fabric will loose its performance properties. 

If you want to know more about our sustainable materials you can read more here.